California Stories

A series of films, photographs and anecdotes profiling authentic people and their own unique California story.

I grew up in the heart of the deep south where my family has been for practically forever, so southern tradition and style is ingrained in my being. Somewhere around 17 it became obvious to me that I was never... View Article

I was 12 years old when my parents returned to our home in icy, grey upstate New York from a California trip.  They looked different. Their eyes sparkled. Dreamy. Restless. They said, “We’re leaving New York. We’re moving to California.”... View Article

One of my richest memories of home, here on the California coast, comes in the form of an 11-year-old, toe-headed me standing in the auto bay of a gas station explaining to the attendant named Merrill about the swell that... View Article

A California Trip I’m from New Jersey, but first came to California in 1976. Freshly divorced and bummed out, my mom decided to follow some family friends out here to try and drum up a new life. We moved into... View Article

Whenever I feel nostalgic I usually just go drive up the coast. Every time it looks and feels different but at the same time is so common and comforting. This part of our coastline is California for me, the cars,... View Article

The California landscape represents the cadence of my journey here. In these images bodies create the illusion of landscapes, geological masses which are metaphors for the transitional and dynamic nature of life. Mountains are fluid moving at a pace much... View Article

The field was on the border. Just on the San Diego side. She was found with her sister, at the end of a long, horrendous journey. A clear scar from their rib cages to their tails signified their purpose. Drug... View Article

I THINK OF TONY PATTERSON. Yeah we had it figured out coming of age in Norman, Oklahoma. Grade schoolers we were. But already too cool for school. Content in our established crew of know-it-alls. Certain that our Eisenhower Elementary was... View Article

“There wasn’t a choice. I just knew. I just knew this had to be my life.” And so his pursuit of the California Dream began for surfboard shaper Andrew Fletcher.

These photos are from a trip my friends and I took out to the Channel Islands for Eric’s birthday (the Captain). It was a great weekend spent fishing, surfing and hiking around. I find these islands to be one of... View Article

CHRIS ORWIG / CALIFORNIA STORY / ARTIST STATEMENT Photography is the pursuit of light and life. Never before has our world been so filled with those who practice this craft. We are all photographers seeking to capture and convey.... View Article

It was one afternoon up in Ojai, riding a bicycle with some good music and the nicest weather ever. Looking for that perfect California light and feeling. These photos, all shot on medium format film, represent to me those long... View Article

Check out the first film in a new series, California Stories, about why we are endlessly inspired by the coolest place on earth.

Our photographer friend Jeff Clark just returned from a long weekend in Baja California, Mexico. We asked him to chronicle his journey for us in this photo essay.

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